Principal Message


Principal Message

Dear Parents and students

“ Blessed as a women Be proud to be an educated wom ”

“The secret of life is not enjoyment but education through experience”

Education given to one woman is nothing but education given to entire society. Our institution’s main aim is to change the society by giving best education especially to women belonging to rural areas. The dedicated service of our Faculties and Staff with the sincere support of the Management, make the institution move towards reaching the ultimate target. They inculcate education and discipline to uplift the women from downtrodden villages to face the modern world with courage and confidence.

In our college students are trained in extra curricular and extension activities such as NSS, YRC, RRC, Sports, Rotaract & Fine Arts. We motivate and encourage our students and staff to participate in various competitions & seminars to bring out them as a multifarious talented woman.

The campus with well equipped Laboratories, Computer Labs magnificient Library and natural atmosphere lead our students to get more knowledge practically. Personal attention of our staff help our students to learn without fear. The Industrious Management ensure blossom in each and every student’s life of our institution.

The college strives hard to enrich the existing programmes and start new courses every year to cater to the needs of present situation.

“To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield”

I conclude with the words of famous author Alfred Tennyson




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